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This fun, innovative, and good morals influenced based new program under Nissi’s Network Inc., called Pumped Up Kicks is a cool, engaging, convincing method to attract children and parents alike to become prevention experts with an evidence informed strategies and action plans to prevent at-risk youth from the impacts of the juvenile justice system. 


At Risk Youth


Living within a family below 200% of federal poverty line

Youth involved in the justice system or youth charged with committing a crime

Victims of child abuse, domestic violence, maltreatment and/or neglect

Exhibiting self-destructive behavior

School truancy or youth who have dropped out of school

Youth in need of safe places, caring adults and/or structured activities


Youth with three (3) or more hours of idle time per day

Lack of parental support or positive role model

Youth who are experiencing homelessness or youth who has run away from home

Considered for placement outside the home

Mental or behavioral health services needs

Youth in need of supervision  

Get to Know Us

Nissi’s Network, Inc. is a network of survivor’s and professionals who work together for youth reform and to create crime reduction solutions to end adultification and human trafficking amongst our youth by teaching them how to become prevention experts. Our mission is to provide holistic support and undisputed marketplace leadership for the children of pimps, prostitutes and victims of human trafficking so that they can have an opportunity to lead healthy and successful lives. Our organization assist youth with transition plans that build on their strengths while supporting their needs.  We provide the best quality life skills and the highest level of service to youth as an innovative and responsible manufacturer and distributor of state funded and local resources. We use our knowledge and understanding of youth needs to provide customized unequalled evidenced informed strategies and action plans to prevent youth from the juvenile justice system, while giving at-risk youth the advantage, they need in this competitive environment.



"One of the second most overlooked types of trafficking is familial trafficking and that's trafficking by a parent, next of kin or fictive kin. Homeless minors were turning to the sex trade for support because they were not used to having support. But all of that changed with Nissi's Network Inc."



Mobile Food Pantry (Food For Change) - Nissi's Network Inc. is a front of the line partner who distributes food from the Houston Food Bank to families and at-risk children and individuals who are at risk of hunger, homelessness and prostitution. We host a minimum of 2 distributions a month with fresh produce to give to the community to decrease food insecurity, prostitution and human trafficking amongst juveniles.  


Service about 2000 residents a month by setting aside time to service individuals who are prostituting or/and trafficked or at risk of prostitution or/and trafficking. Since 2021, we have serviced 32,437 residents, given away 80,000 child safety kits, and  


Provide a client choice shopping experience with not only food, but toiletries donated by The Bread of Life.  Most of our product are given in conjunction with the donated items from Procter & Gamble, The Houston Food Bank and Matthew 25 Ministries.

Make an IMPACT with US.  We need a truck!

How to identify juveniles at risk for human trafficking?

This year we want to host extended distribution hours during evenings and weekends to allow clients to access the mobile food pantry on their schedule.  We want at-risk customers including juveniles to be able to access the mobile pantry after school and work.  Most of our justice impacted juveniles who are at risk for human trafficking that have been impacted by the justice system to include incarcerated parents arrested for sex trafficking, prostitution or sex trafficking themselves can't get the food before school and sometimes they can't get the food after school because they can go to school half the day and work the other half of the day.  With the truck we will be able to serve more justice impacted juveniles who are at-risk for sex trafficking. 

We want to promote a healthy lifestyle, close the food gap for at-risk youth and youth impacted by the justice system facing food insecurity with the least amount of risk of children selling their bodies to feed themselves and focus on their futures. This is our human trafficking prevention model that provides food boxes that contains enough food to create six meals and two snacks. Food boxes contain protein, vegetables, fruits, grains, milk, or juice, and snacks. 


My target market is at risk youth between the ages of 5 and 24 years of age who are living within a family below 200% of federal poverty line, youth involved in the justice system or youth charged with committing a crime, victims of child abuse, domestic violence, maltreatment and/or neglect, exhibiting self-destructive behavior, school truancy or youth who have dropped out of school, youth in need of safe places, caring adults and/or structured activities youth with three (3) or more hours of idle time per day, lack of parental support or positive role model, youth who are experiencing homelessness or youth who has run away from home, considered for placement outside the home, mental or behavioral health services needs and youth in need of supervision.




Rushing food lines

Extreme Hunger

Quickly eating all of the food and asking for second servings because they are not getting enough food

Saving/Hoarding/Stealing food from school/work/businesses

Comments about not having enough food at home 

Asking classmates for food that they don't want

Chronic stomach aches

Extreme Thinness

Puffy swollen skin

Chronically dry, cracked lips, itchy eyes

Excessive Absences and/or tardiness

Repetition of a Grade Level

Chronic Sickness

Short Attention Span/ Inability to concentrate because of the desire to eat or worried about where the next meal is coming from

Chronic Behavior that leads to disciplinary actions 

Parents that schedule medical appointments after lunch because that maybe that childs only meal for the day if mom is prostituting herself during the day

Left at home to take care of younger siblings and sacrificing food for themselves to feed the younger siblings

Moves often or switching school districts because they are homeless or trying to escape a pimp

Often spends the night away from the home or primary residence

Loss of income 

Family crisis trying not to get parents into trouble

We will distinctively prevent youth violence, promote youth health, and provide youth opportunities by using Pumped-Up Kicks Outreach Programs to:

 Heal the wounds of the past through coaching and counseling

Bring Awareness and Educational Resources through mentorships, tutoring, training and awareness with Crime Stoppers Houston, HPD and Harris County Safe Community Officers.

Inspire Change through awareness seminars with celebrity guest speakers like Eric Thomas, Les Brown or Romeo.


Grant children Speaker opportunities to raise awareness at community centers, churches and other event venues on platforms like TEDx Talk.


Work with School Districts and parents regarding unexplained absences.  

Teach children how to work in teams and how to depend on each other (Hooping Against Human Trafficking) by creating a basketball tournament called Hoop for Hope with real basketball jerseys and gear.

Enlist Youth Outreach by assisting the National Center for Missing or Abused minors.

Create community with a Pumped-Up Kicks Summer Fest Field Day where the children all come together from different zip codes and including the parents by getting them to come out to volunteer and root their children on as they play games, run relay races, double dutch, eat cotton candy and show off new business ideas for my student entrepreneurs.


Produce Student Entrepreneurs by creating  Shark-Tank like forum to have their ideas heard and possibly sponsored.


Encourage Higher Education by participating in a TOP 10 city Colleges Tour to get the children invested in furthering their education and to learn about what other programs different Universities have to offer.


Increase Historical Education through traveling to Washington, DC to see the Capital of the United States. Visiting the White House, and  Lincoln Statue and to visit the African American Museum.

Recruite Young Advocates by assisting  the U.S. Department of Education Office of Safe and healthy Students as well as the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and Victims of Human trafficking and other crimes.

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