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We have given 1 Million in relief to end Sex Trafficking.

Hamilton is a global humanitarian, doctoral learner, veteran, wife, mother of seven, and comedian. She led the nation's first political campaign against human trafficking as she debuted her story by running for office in Houston, Texas. Hamilton owns and operates her own food pantry, where she serves 2000+ residents a month.  To date, her for-profit A Survivor’s Voice of Victory has given away over one million dollars in food and hurricane relief supplies to residents in 3rd Ward, Sunnyside, and Southpark in District D. District D is where her family got their start with a grocery store called Terry’s Grocery Store.  Her legacy and staple are at the heart of Texas Southern University with a library dedicated to her late uncle Robert James Terry Library found on the Tiger Walk.   She is an eight-year veteran of the United States Navy where she served as a Military Police Officer trained by Black Water during the time of War on Terrorism and she is a six-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, where she served as a detention officer.

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Over 92,000 children in Harris County experience parental incarceration annually via the Harris County Jail.


of children live with their fathers when a mother goes to prison


of children remain with their mothers when the father is incarcerated


of children with an incarcerated mother live with their grandmothers



We desire to create a safe space where children can be children no matter the background. Though we are aware that every child’s parent is not a pimp, a prostitute or survivor of human trafficking. We have noticed a trend in not recognizing this groups of children and that’s where most of the problem is. 

Nissi’s Network, Inc. mission is to provide holistic support for the children of pimps, prostitutes and victims of human trafficking so that they can have an opportunity to lead healthy and successful lives. The organization will assist youth with transition plans that build on their strengths while supporting their needs.

To Support

Please consider donating towards our efforts to end Sex Trafficking. Donations will go towards further serving targeted communities, raising awareness and building a strong community of advocates like you.

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